How Can I Get Protected from New CoronaVirus (CoViD-19)?

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Hello Everyone! The only word you hear these days is CoViD-19 or New Corona Virus. Unfortunately, we ourselves have created the current situation. You might wonder thinking How? Actually, nature doesn’t belong to us but we belong to nature. Whenever nature feels fed up with human beings, it will sweep all of us away from this earth. The current situation is one such event of that project.

Why would nature do this? This might be the next question appearing in your mind. Human beings tried to conquer this earth. They began to ruin and destroy the earth day by day. People started to toxify the air we breathe. They cut trees and directed all the waste to the ocean.

Forests were destroyed and millions of animals were dead. All those innocent souls who were killed by humans complained to mother nature. Then she herself saw the huge destruction caused by people to this earth. She tried to warn several times. But, people never learned any lesson. They continuously killed many animals and ate their flesh. Mother nature was very angry and she started to punish all the people.

Today, we all suffer from this deadly virus. More than one-third of the population around the world is locked down inside their houses. The factories which produce toxins have stopped working. The atmosphere started to become purified. Water that flows through cities became clear and swans started to swim freely in the water. Birds flew everywhere smelling fresh air. The ozone layer started to heal soon. This is how nature swept all the rubbish from her kingdom.

We all have only one single wish by now. That is to stop this virus. All we need will become true only if we started to love nature. Let’s heal the world.

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