Only 4% percent of Americans have a conversation about religion

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According to Gallup survey that shows as few as 4% of Americans only discussed about religious things among their friends and family members within the prior week. Meantime most of the Americans discussed about family matters 46% and 24% share of voice about politics. We wanted to ask some people stories about last religious conversations. So it asked, what was it, who was it with, when is it.

My last conversation about religion was weak ago. It was about god, me and my friend had a discussion while we having a beer.  Mainly it was about is that god is true, if true why that much problems all around the world. If there is no god, why people believing in god. That was a just random topic and about 20-30 minutes of discussion. However, we end up with the topic and directed to current political situation. Basically up coming presidential election.

Chris Powel
San Josh, CA

I guess lastly I had discussion about religious when I am at university back in 2012 (8 years ago). I don’t remember what we exactly discussed but I assume it was about Muslim neighborhood. Coz at the time we had some ISIS related things as I remember. Since that conversation I haven’t got any chance and didn’t to discuss about any religious related thing. That was with some of my friends and I was a teen at the time who is kind of aggressive. This was in our dorm room.

Jason Molder
Wichita Falls, TX

A day ago I had conversation with one of my collage about coronavirus thing. I saw an articles about saying, this virus created by “ALLAH” to punish china. We had some good joyful conversation with some laugh. That was a believe of some Muslims. That was in a cafeteria while I’m having a coffee in my break.

Jeneey Power
North Fork, ID

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