Preschool Teacher Fired After Twerking Bikini Video Goes Viral

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In this 21st century, a primary school teacher gets fired as her twerking video get viral. Miss Clarissa, 24-year-old teacher was on vacation in Baja California, Mexico. All this happened after she enter a dance competition at beachfront pub. In this funny event she dances on a stage in a sexy bikini in front of happy cheering audience. She moves her dance steps and make it hot twerking which audience inspire.

Teacher Fired After Twerking Bikini Video Goes Viral

“I knew there were mobile phones but I never imagined this would go viral and anyway, I’m not doing anything bad,” She speak with local media, Reforma

“It was a dance competition, something like this doesn’t define me as a person, it was my free time and we’re in the 21st century.

It’s not something to be afraid of, I’m not naked, I’m not having sex or taking drugs or disrespecting anyone.”

She was on her Easter vacation at the time of the doubtable dance, just about 16 hours drive from her work place in Sonora.

Video was quickly viral as it published on local news Facebook page, and she was identified by her parent who made a complement.

preschool Teacher Fired After Twerking Video Goes Viral

“Someone identified me a teacher as the video reached more and more people and immediately related it to my work and published photos of me with my pupils.

They didn’t give me any other option at my school than to resign. I felt I was being attacked and put under pressure. I didn’t know what else to do apart from leave as quickly as I could.

I’m a human being like everyone else and at times people believe your profession defines you and you don’t have a life outside of your job, that you don’t have friends or family or free time.

We’re not all saints and you can’t judge a person and question their reputation and their job over something like this.”

Parents of students have supported for Clarissa forcing school reinstate her through messaging on Facebook

Preschool Teacher Fired After Twerking Video Goes Viral

“Please reconsider the termination of the young teacher, Miss Clarissa! She was dancing! I am sixty years old and have seen all kinds of dancing come and go. Miss Clarissa is beautiful, young, and a free spirit. Plus…she was on her free time enjoying life!” one woman wrote.


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