Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka

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Kandalama hotel construction information and overview

Heritance Kandalama, popularly known as Kandalama Hotel is one of the leading five-star sustainable friendly hotel located in Dambulla which bores a historical value of Sri Lanka. This massive creation was designed by Sri Lanka’s most eminent and prolific architect Geffery Bawa . due to the fact that the architect is very much aware of the physical context and his knowledge of empirical connection along with his tremendous capability in articulation , the hotel as a whole it looks very successful piece of architecture.

Kandalama hotel construction details
Kandalama hotel

The heritance Kandalama  blends perfectly with the natural environment while preserving the aura of ancient hermit caves, Not to mention the fact that; this hotel is flanked by two universal heritage sites, namely; the 1st century BC Dambulla Rock Temple and the 5th century AD Sigiriya Rock Fortress while it also had it’s share of unrivalled international recognition. Apart from this ; the Kandalama hotel has been celebrated for it’s green philosophy and is widely recognized as the five star resort that put eco tourism on the map in Sri Lanka, consequently; this hotel is now mainly promoted by prestigious tour operators in the UK , Germany ,Italy ,France and Switzerland.