Kandalama Hotel Overview

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kandalama hotel construction details.

In spite of the fact that Aitken Spence initially planned to manufacture the contiguous Sigiriya, Bawa demanded that the lodging rather be sited eleven kilometers southeast of the noteworthy city and shake arrangement. The extra separation both ensures the prompt surroundings of the social site and takes into account pleasant perspectives of the landmark over the skyline of the Kandalama Lake, or supply, privately known as the “Kandalama Tank”. The downplayed outline for the Kandalama Hotel is elaborately a takeoff from prior Bawa ventures, yet the venture has the affectability to setting that reliably portrays Bawa’s work. Its impact on the guest parallels that of Sigiriya, as a nuanced “third space” amongst scene and engineering is produced through the insightful incorporation and juxtaposition of building and condition (Owen , 2008).


The Kandalama Hotel is a nine-kilometer drive east of the residential area of Dambulla. The primary passageway entryway is situated toward the finish of a sloped 2.7-kilometer-long private street that branches north from an optional blood vessel driving back to the focal point of town. From the soonest advancement period of the venture, Bawa was occupied with building up a spatial and visual grouping of passage that finished in the disclosure of the removed perspective of the landmark of Sigiriya simply after section to the lodging entryway. A standout amongst the most excellent elements of the inn’s outline is the expansive, buckle like porte cochère adjoining the western side of the bluff around which the lodging wraps. Visitors enter the hotel under this gigantic inclined overhang that edges down towards the passageway to a packed, encased walkway (Silva R. , 2011). The guest winds through the limited passage like section, finish with a divider lined by rocks, all of a sudden finding the freeing breadth of the outside hall and its all-encompassing perspective northward over the Kandalama Tank. Bawa mindfully choreographed this procedure of entry with a specific end goal to draw out and sensationalize the edge between the tree-protected passage drive and the tremendous perspectives that the inn campaign skillfully outlines (ARCHNET, 2010).

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