Fundamentals Of “Lean” Lean Philosophy

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Fundamentals Of Lean Philosophy

The Toyota way is not only limit to tools and techniques. Toyota way include 14 principles which are guide how to to eliminate waste and nonvalue added tasks. As an eliminating waste is the major aim of Toyota production system and those principles lead to make it success. As a result of 20 years studying on Toyota company K.Liker divide those principles to 4 main categories.

1. Philosophy
2. Process
3. People/Partner
4. Problem Solving

Fundamentals Of Lean Philosophy

Toyota production system based on those principles and it guidance to success of Toyota. By make changes, modifications and improvement, those principles can use in construction industry to get maximum profit, work on time and quality. Considering issues in the current process of “Daya” construction company, it could be able to reach greatest outcomes by implementing lean philosophy into the process with relevant tools and techniques.

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