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Malaysian and Australian Grass Seeds in Sri Lanka

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Malaysian, Korean And Australian Grass Seeds in Sri Lanka

If you looking for attractive grades in your house you must maintain good grass in outside land. Hence, you must need to find out best and suitable grass bread for Sri Lanka. There is 100 types of sub-kind of grasses and Malaysian, Austalian and Korean grass kind of famous in Sri Lanka.

Malaysian Grass

Malaysian Grass is usual grass in the county and easily growing with minimum care. you can find this in all around the country and it likes to grow-up in cool  weather.

Malaysian Grass Sri LankaMalaysian Grass seeds sri lanka

Australian Grass

This is very fine and beautiful grass which is kind of hard to grow. you have to keep attention on this plant with all the care until grow up. this is best for ground area which is not used by heavy loads such as vehicle movements.

Australian Grass Sri Lanka Australian Grass seeds Sri Lanka

Korean Grass

Agin this is also kind of famous in several locations in the county and comfortable grass for your feet. this is hard to grow and need proper care. you can buy this grass from local shops or how have planted already. take time to catch the roots hence need full attention beginning of the palntation.

Korean Grass Sri LankaKorean Grass seeds Sri Lanka

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