Top 10 all time Youngest Parents in the World

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We live our lives as we want! But still we follow society and its directions. schooling, attend to collage, getting marriage, all of those things have certain time periods in our lives. May be depend on the culture, society or whatever. No one plans to be a dad or mum at age of 10, 12 or 15.

Nevertheless that age, most of kids growing up with their parents’ love. There are always some people who go against the world rules. They do what ever they want to do. Here we found 10 youngest parents in the world. There is no evidence to find out they became father or mother with their knowledge or without. It could be lack of knowledge about fathering, mothering or could be a mistake. Whatever, however they became the today youngest parents in the word. Go ahead and and explore each one by one.

Youngest Fathers in the world

9 year old father from China

world youngest father in the world

He able to be a father at age of nine. he based in china and he was fathering for four children two girls and tow boys during the 1019s.

11 years old father from New Zealand

2 week newborn baby

This kid became father at the age of 11. today he is the 2nd youngest father in the world and 1st in the New Zealand.

12 years old Father- Sean Stewart (England)

12 year old dad in the UK
1998: Sean, then 12, and Emma with their baby Ben : Dailymail

Sean Stewart became a father at age of 12 having sex with his 15 yeas girl friend(Emma Webster) who lived in next door in 1998. Both are in their 30s now(2020). Sean Stewart at the prison and Emma Webster married another man having other kids and living in £200,000 worth house.

13 years old father from Russia

most Youngest mum in Russia

This fathering happened in 2000 and 13 years of kid became a father in Russia. his baby was born in Rostovon-Don

Youngest Mothers in the world

5 years old mother Lina Medina (Peru)

Youngest mother in world

The story of Lina Medina kind of different. she gave birth to his first baby at age of 5, how wonder!. her dad was suspect for this and due to lack of evidence he deemed free. The story based on Peru in 1939 and still she is the world youngest mother ever.

6 years old mother Yelizaveta (Ukraine)

Youngest mother in world

She lived in Ukraine in the Soviet Union. Yelizaveta became mother at age of 6 in 1934. She never had a good story and it was a rape case by her grandfather. her baby was deliver by C-sections which is new concept at the time.

8 years old mother Zulma Guadalupe Morales (Mexico)

Youngest mother in uk

A 8 year old girl has given birth to a health boy on 1993 in Mexico. The baby was 7.04 pounds and birth happened after full 9 moths. Luckily both mother and baby was in good health conditions. Mother’s parents want release her name and father of the baby. However media agency Reveal her name as “Zulma Guadalupe Morales” and this pregnancy caused by rape case and it was her uncle.

8 years old mother from Colombia

Police found her suffering in stomach pain and they suspect she was concealing drugs. After medial repot that’s found she was pregnant and her mother aware of the situation. 32 year old employee raped the girl and her mother refuse to complain due to threaten. she never pressed charge as she is quite scared.

8 years old mother Anna (Russia)

youngest mother 12 years in USA

8 year old Anna became a mother in 2000 at Russian port city of Rostov-on-Don. Exactly she was 8 years and 7 months when she giving birth. There are no much details because of 13 year boy suspect as the father. media expose 13 years of neighbour boy raid her just after her first menstruation.


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