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The London 2012 summer Olympics, formally known as the games of the xxx Olympiad were one of the major international sporting events hosted by London. It started from 25 July to 24 august 2012. The game was celebrated in the Olympic tradition and the international Olympic committee govern the game. Participants of 204 National Olympic committee with a total of 10,768 athletes participated in the Olympics. The event commences with the women’s football group stage, which began on the 25 of July 2012 and continued with the opening ceremony which took place on the 27 of July 2012.

On the 6th of July 2005, London became the third time host of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games in London had a massive effect which impacted the economy. Some of this effect are listed below.

  1. Effects on the environment

    London Olympic Stadium (Source: ibtimes )
    London Olympic Stadium  (Source : ibtimes)

One of the biggest commitments during the London Olympic Games was continuity and therefore its projects were designed such that it promoted continuity in environmental protection. Due to many environmental projects, the London Olympic is known as one of the best Olympics because the effects still impact London as of today.

  1. Cultural Impact

The Olympic Games, brought fought a strong promotion of volunteerism. About 700,000 volunteers from the host population were involved in preparation of the games. This has helped the people to get employed due to the experience they had during the volunteering process.

  1. Economic Impact

The UK economy witness a boost in trade and investment after a year of hosting the Olympics. A steady increase in GBP of 9.9 million was announced by the British government. The games also impacted the economy by bringing in new contracts, deals and foreign investments that will uplift the British economy.

Another huge part of the economy that the games impacted is the construction industry. The UK government gave a report stating that the construction projects for London 2012 Olympics had contributed in boosting the UK’s economy by £7.3. The over 590,000 people who visited London for the games and attended ticketed event spent a GBP of about 1,290 during their stay as compared to other visitors with GBP of 650. This amount helped to lift up the British economy and money gained was pumped into government coffers.

  1. Transport system

The Olympic Games also left an impact on the transport system. New roads were constructed which still today ease circulation in the city. The already existing ones were well reconstructed. Stratford, who now has one of the best transport system in all of Europe thanks to the Olympic Games. This has beautified the city, making it attractive and organize.


The London Olympic Games are credited as being well planned especially still after the games, as many countries tend to abandon most of the infrastructures constructed. Fortunately London proved to be different as they continued to put efforts and strategies into post games and executed sustainable projects. Therefore the impact of the London games still remains flat in London in every aspect.

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