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Food challenges are competitions that involve food. It requires that the rules and regulations provided by the restaurant vendor are being strictly followed. At the end of the competition, a prize is awarded for the completion of the specific meal or drink in a specific time limit. There are many food challenges that people can perform. Some common ones are pizza. Chicken, burger. The other type of food challenge does not focus on the quantity of the food but on the heat. This type of food is made with hot pepper. In the UK, there are several food challenges that many people love participating in them.

They are:

  1. Totem Burger

    Food Challenges in uk (source: dailyrecord)
    Food Challenges in uk (Source: dailyrecord)

This challenge comprises of two different types of cheese with a toasted cheese scene in the center, four burgers and bacon. Probably, this is the biggest burger created in Britain. The beast weighs a total of 15Ibs with a pound of chips. And also giant chili cheese fries that are approximately a week of calcium intake.

Despite the weight, the owners insist that they have customers who are willing to take the challenge and write their names in the restaurants’ hall of fame. To take on the beast, customers have to place orders 24hours in advance and they are given an hour to complete the challenge of 17000calorie monster and win a place in the restaurant hall of fame.

  1. The Lumberjack’s Double Knuckle Challenge

If you really love pork knuckles, then this challenge is for you. Two pork knuckles weighing 1kg are slowly roasted. A portion of sauerkraut added, a bed of chips, a side of potato salad all added along with a strain of Löwenbräu lager. It must be eaten within a time limit of 45mins. This challenge is so difficult such that only two men have ever managed to do the challenge within the agreed 45mins. The winner goes away with the stain glass as a trophy.

  1. 999 Emergency Breakfast

Do you want your weekend to be all set up? Then this 4000 calorie fry up gives you a good start for the weekend ahead. This emergency breakfast is probably going to give those who finish it a new set of health problems. If completed the winner gets a voucher for a free starter, although no one has completed the challenge yet, but anyone who does will probably need to put the voucher in his/her pocket and come back later.

  1. The Halloween Challenge.

This is a spicy burger challenge that stretches your taste buds to the maximum. Those of little faith and fail heart are advised not to try this terrifying burger. Those who think they are up to the challenge will have a maximum of 12 minutes to complete this task by taking on Mad Dog 357 Source, Psycho Drops, Monterery Jack Cheese, Trinidadian Mornga Scorpion Chilis, Jalapenos and thick layers of Ghost Pepper Source will have just a glass of water to cool down their temperature. The winner of this mighty challenge will be awarded not only with a free burger, but will win a Kraken T-shirt, a bottle of Kraken Rum and a double meal at the dinner table.


With many restaurants in the UK, it was only a matter of time for the restaurant vendors to challenge customers to take on culinary adventures.  Food challenges in the UK are very comparative and so many people have gotten involved.





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