15 Foods that make your BUTT Bigger Super Fast

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You have flat ass and wondering how could make it round big butt! either how to make your buttocks bigger without exercise! Then you’re in right place here. there are top 15 foods which helps you to make your bum bigger in certain time. You may be concerning, is that food really can help to make bigger butt! Yes, it is. Exercises are not the one and only way to make your ass bigger. You must get support from necessary nutrition, oils, and vitamins to improve and grow your bum. So that is essential to add those foods into your daily meal plan.

In this post we are focusing on nutritional half which helps you to realise pretty body with nice round bum. Today, ass is the symbol of sexiness. If you have a hot ass no doubt, people turn around and will have a second look.

So don’t worry, we are here to advice you scientifically proven foods which helps you to achieve your desire target.


eggs for bigger butt, sexy firm booty ass
Boiled Eggs

Source: simplyrecipes

When you consider the range of protein foods, eggs are the best healthiest, cheapest and well loved by people. This is very simple to make as you know, and it could make in any taste and varies form of types.   

Recommend to eat those in your breakfast.


fish for bigger butt, sexy firm booty ass
Fish rich in Omega-3

Source: webmd

Omega-3 and fatty acid boost up your ass volume and fish will answer for that. Moreover, sardines and canned fish also source of omega 3 and those could easier to prepare. Furthermore, those could reduce risk of heart diseases keep your arteries free from bad fats.


chicken breast for bigger butt, sexy firm booty ass

Source: masterclass

Chicken contain plenty of protein and less cholesterol than red meat. You can consume chicken as super food to increase your booty. Chicken breast is the one you should eat as it it the heart of protein. Also you can prepare chicken in several different methods. Eat as much as you can, making changes to your meal.


turkey breast for bigger butt, sexy firm booty ass
Baked Turkey

Source: thespruceeats

Chicken lover? Then why not try its relative Turkey!

No argument, one of the best meat in the market. Turkey packet with bunch of protein that’s good to build your muscles and also your gluts.

Just keep in mind and buy low sodium contain turkey meat. Its free of preservatives, and extra lean.

Brown rice

brown rice foods for bigger butt, sexy firm booty ass
Brown rice

If you want to get carbohydrate, protein, and fiber same time try brown rice. Brown rice has magical reaction and don’t forget to eat this after workout this will fuels and sustains your muscles. Moreover, this could keep your hunger away for hours.

Source: mnn.com – how to cook


oatmeal for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass

Source: healthline

This is kind of instant easy meal which you prepare at the morning. However, this contain several nutrients that could help you get through the day.

Micronutrients in oats can aid in increasing size of your buttocks and mussels. Same as omega-3 this also help you to keep your cholesterol level and cause for reduce of the risk of heart diseases.


fresh milk for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass
Fresh Milk

Source: nypost

Just a glass of fresh milk can give up to 9 grams of protein. So milk very popular as post-workout drink. We recommend to drink glass of milk early in the morning and post-workout. This will provide you plenty of protein and if you are dieter, this could help in your way too.

Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass
Greek Yogurt

Source: liveeatlearn

Almost all yogurts are rich in protein. But if you are looking for get the most out of a type then go for plain Greek yogurt.  Try to avoid sweetened yogurts as they are loaded with sugar, sweeteners and artificial ingredients.

Yogurts are good for your digestive health

Smoothie is one of the effective way to start your day. Having this in the early morning provide lot of the nutrients to go through the day.

Perfect combination of smoothie made of fruits, protein and veggie help you to get bigger bum.


quinoa for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass

Source : medicalnewstoday

Perfect for vegetarians. This is type of whole grain, and is rich in protein and essential amino acids. Protein aids in build tissues, so quinoa will increase the mass of your ass in no time.


nuts for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass

Source: marketingtochina

Nuts are fulfilled with loads of good fats and protein that defiantly help to grow your glutes. Not only that, but it also includes lot of essential minerals and vitamins. Almonds, cashews, and pistachios kind a common nut in the market and you can consume those as a snack.


black beans for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass

Source: simonandschuster

Another super hit for vegetarians with ultimate protein and have a low-fat and high-fiber content. Relatively beans available everywhere all the time for affordable price. You can go for wide range of beans including, black beans, kidney beans, and chickpeas. Less or more all the types of beans have similar range of nutrition.


avocado fruit for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass

Great taste, you love it right! Aside of its taste avocado high in monounsaturated fat. If you are not familiar with that, monounsaturated help you to develop your muscles including butt cheeks and reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your body. This cause shape of your body meantime increasing volume of your sexy ass.

Sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass
Sweet potatoes

Source: medicalnewstoday

Sweet potato shape of sexy booty isn’t it?

Preferred by models and bodybuilders. This is very good alternative for white rice and flour rich in calories.  When you eat something high in calories, then don’t forget to combine this food with proper booty enlargement exercises.


vegetables for bigger butt, sexy firm big booty ass
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There are some greens too. Veggies are not only for weight loss, basically Amino acids could help growing muscle and building muscle mass. Eat more broccoli and green leafy vegetables they are fully loaded with amino acids.

In conclusion

Bigger firm sexy butt doesn’t happen in one night. You have to do buttock enhancement workouts combine with above mentioned foods. As you are looking for bigger bum you should have some hard work, however if you follow proper workout plan and meal plan then you able to achieve your goal faster.