Easy beautiful Animal Makeup for casual events

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Animal Makeup

Animal makeup is one of the most popular art of makeup. Modern days, some kind of different types of animal design makeup more popular among women. Moreover, this fashion normally gets viral trend on Halloween period. School, collage and university girls more likely intend to this art and they do this not only for Halloween and also for fancy dress events, house parties and other casual events. This eye-catching makeup can be done simple way in very easily and some advance design take considerable time to complete. However, some expert skilful persons do fantastic designs in minutes. This art is now into business level and you able to get this done by special saloons and beauty shops. Also you can do your own animal makeup by yourself if you have at least basic makeup skills. This is not a difficult process and here is the main steps.

4 main steps for simple animal makeup

  1. Preparation – First thing first, you should cleanup the surface where you going to do makeup (face, neck, etc.). Remove unnecessary hair, wash-up, towel and let it dry.
  2. Foundation – Prepare foundation makeup on your selected area same as you do usual makeup. This should be natural basic color of your primary design.
  3. Sketch, paint and makeup – After your entire selected area get ready for makeup, you can make sketch of your desire design using color pencil. Then you can begin makeup using your ultimate color combination if you satisfied with your sketched design.
  4. Retouch and polish – Finally you can do correction, minor changes and modifications to your design with retouch. When everything looks good, polish and let considerable time to your makeup get dry.

Animal makeup brushes

There are no any specific brushes for animal makeup. Still able to use usual makeup kit for do beautiful animal makeup. However, when do painting makeup there should be several different size of brushes as a purpose of do proper lining. Makeup artist able to chose and select suitable brushes considering design and its complexity. Basically use foundation brush in the beginning and pencil brush for designing. Further Eyebrow, highlighter, blush, and painting Brushes use for particular tasks. Finally, it could use Blending Sponge to get an airbrushed, streak-free finish.

Different type of brushes use for animal art makeup

Different type of brushes use for animal art panting

Colourful animal makeup costume

Rather than use just animal costume that is far better to use costume with animal makeup. So people who enjoy this fashion not only satisfied with a makeup. They select some magnificent costumes for make their look more alike selected animal. Depend on the animal selected for makeup, it can be purchase costume from market or it can be design yourself. Most of the time people use ears as separate costume match with its makeup and some people use full costume which looks alike complete animal body. When designing or purchase animal costume, it is always better to go for low weight. If your costume is considerably weight that is difficult to wear it for hours.

Simple easy animal makeup

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