Benefits of Portable Washer Dryer

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Portable washing machines 

In present day number of companies release various types of portable washing machines into the market. Those washers basically based on two types, such as manual (non electric) & Electric. Electric washers more efficient than manual ones and depend on the occasion consumer could able choice better option. 

Portable washer types 
  • Manual (non-electric)
  • Electric (Live electricity or Batteries)
Advantages of portable washing machines
  • Ability to move (Some are able to carryon)
  • Low electricity or electricity less
  • Small of size
  • Less space required 
  • Low carbon emission
  • Low cost than usual washer
  • Less washer time

Portable Clothes Dryer

Same as the portable washing machines, portable dryers work for purpose of clothes drying. As those are portable it does not provide much more outcome as usual electric dryer. But you can expect considerable fair result using portable dryer in your day to day work. Comparatively portable dryers take extra electricity than portable washer and however consume less electricity than usual permanent dryer.

Advantages / benefits of portable Clothes Dryer
  •  Ability to move (same as washer)
  • Low electricity or electricity free
  • Small of size than usual permanent dryer
  • Less space required as this is small
  • Low carbon emission or Free
  • Low cost than usual Dryer

Portable Washer and Dryer Combo

Portable Washer Dryer
Portable Washer & Dryer

To get washing and drying purpose of clothes lots of companies designed single machine including both washing feature and drying feature rather than use two equipment for achieve laundry requirements. Usually these machines looks like same as usual washing machine and it function both way to wash and dry clothes. When its come to portable machines, market has 100 of portable machine types and there is few portable washers and dryer combo machines. Those machines generally come with two holes and 1 use for wash clothes and other part use for drying. This machine comparatively less effective than usual dryer or combo machine and however you will get fair service. Still you able to wash and get some dry clothes using spin facilities which offer normal portable washing machine. 

Advantages / benefits of portable washer Dryer 
  • Wash and Dry clothes (twin purpose)
  • Low weight 
  • Low Price than Permeant Combo machine
  • Less space for place it and operate
  • Less energy 

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