10+ Things you should never do to your Lady Parts

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Some people don’t even think to open an article when see some topic like this. However, this is one of the most important thing in your life to keep you healthy and happy.

Vaginas are the most sensitive body part in your whole body and it is like a little soft flower. It sometimes does things even we can’t understand or wondering why those couldn’t stop itself. We should understand that is vital to keep good take care of them all the time.

There is lot of usual lady things that could dangerously lead them to infection due to lack of our knowledge. Though some items and products mention there is no effect on use, still those are really harmful to your lady parts and it may end up with infection.  

Go ahead and read about all these 10 things. Are you guilty about any of these! Do you think there should be anything more or less! Comment your thoughts.

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Personal lubricants

Never use personal lubricants on your lady parts

Sexual wellness is one of the most important thing. Make things easier and improve feelings, in some cases people used to use lubricants for short joy. But some improper lubes can hardly impact your vagina and can cause for inflammation.

Wear tide pants everyday

That’s mean don’t wear tide jeans all day everyday. Try to use those mix with other cloths. Wearing those tight jeans could cause for yeast infections or pressure acne. No one wants to get into this trouble, make sure to give your lady parts adequate room to breath in free.

Decorations vajazzle

Vajazzle designs (Vajazzling) is latest popular thing among ladies. This normally do temporary sparkly tattoos to vajazzle such as, sparkly stars and glossy designing over the particular area after a wax. While this is very attractive, make sure to avoid putting anything inside and keep it away as mush as you can from virgin.

Hot water on lady parts

Excessive warm water not healthy to anyone’s body anyway. Moreover, get warm water into your lady parts it could create extra drying as well as infection. As soon as you get out, towel external areas smoothly.     

Wear dirty underwear

That is really normal woman produce certain amount of discharge through out the day. But you must change your underwear at least once a day. If your day is extra long, try to keep it clean and dry.

Scented soap

This make very pleasant atmospheres just after one shower. You can use scented soap without no problem at all. The thing is when you apply those things into your lady parts, that could transfer all the chemicals in your body as those are made by strong chemicals. So try to avoid those into your virgin area.

Spray perfumes on lady parts

Same as the scented soap, fragrance include thousands of chemicals and ingredients which harmful and inflectional if go into your lady parts. So never spray perfumes into those.

Sanitize/ Sanitizer gel

There is lot of articles which are inspiring sanitize all the playing items before it use even fingers. However, using sanitize can kill germs and also that is not healthy for get into your body. So we highly recommend sanitize your playing items using standard sanitizer and then properly wash it out with clean water.  
Keep in mind never your sanitising gel as an alternative of lubricant.


Some woman use sugar down there and rub for better feeling and believe that make it taste much better for partner. This not make serious damage to your health by the way this alteration your PH balance which cause for dryness and some skin infections.

Piercing lady parts

That’s kind a fashion thing. Piercing vagina and nipples popular in English culture. However, it could occur some disadvantages and difficulties. If you are allergies for piercing never go for that, could you imaging piercing infection in your lady parts? If you do so, keep in mind to clean until it gets full heal and always keep it dry, follow the medical guidance as it necessary.

Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones…