Stackable washer dryer combo – Benefits and Specifications

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Apartments of the contemporary world are not very spacious, and therefore, any appliance than can do the job while saving some space is always the go to choice of the modern day apartment dweller. Therefore, instead of the traditional side by side washer and dryer, the stackable washer & dryer combo are gaining more popularity among many.


A stackable washer dryer combo is just what the name says, it consists of a separate washing machine and a dryer, usually of equal capacity and size, and they can be stacked on top of one another without having them side by side. In an apartment where square footage is at a premium, but the vertical height is largely not, this gives one an opportunity has both machines in the space of one.


Stackable washer dryer combos are always front loading machines by design. Usually, they have a cubic capacity from 1.5 to 4.5, while larger, industrial size units also exist. They are designed to be stacked on top of one another. But the washer is usually kept below since the water use makes it a heavier machine. Having the lighter dryer on the top also gives the combo more stability by lowering its center of gravity. 

The size of both machines are usually identical, and the height ranges from 60-90 cm for each. Once stacked, both machines can be easily handled by an average sized adult. In certain machines however, the controls on the upper dryer maybe out of sight for shorter people. The washing machine as always comes with a water inlet and outlet pipes, and the dryer has a hose for drainage. Both comes with separate power codes for each. 

Both machines have stainless steel or aluminum drums, while options such as combined washing and drying cycles, timers, overload sensors and safety measures are in place. The dryer usually has a rated power level of 1000-3000W, and the washer has a power rating of 100-500W. The cost of the combo can range from $400 to $1500 or more. 


Main advantage of a washer dryer combo is the saving space. They are especially beneficial if the weather or the apartment layout makes it difficult for your clothes to be sun dried. They can also be great if the apartment building lacks laundry facilities, or if the dweller prefers to not use public machines.

  • Less space than usual washer and dryer
  • Ability to washing and drying
  • Advanced technology
  • Wide range of products

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