Home Remedies; Be prepared and get rid of Coronavirus

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Today entire world suffering from COVID-19 (new coronavirus). Most of the national authorities unable to take under control and stop spread. However, they able to minimise impact and spread of the virus in some countries. When its come to America, England and some other countries in Europe, they took it easy at the beginning and now they are suffering and paying in deaths. Some expertise opinion over behaviour and spared of this virus is poor hygiene, sanitation and mainly immune.

Hygiene, Sanitation

As a responsible person everyone should be in good hygiene all the time. This is the main thing to prevent virus and bacteria get into your body through mouth by hand. So this the main and usual thing you must always do weather there is risk of virus outbreak or not. If you used to eat after wash your hands and reduce touch your face that could be able to reduce risk of infected by 40% and if you keep physical distancing at least 1 meter that will be 70%. So if you are in good hygiene and sanitation you could reduce risk up to 70%. Now a day you aware of the virus and its behaviour. So you could easily reduce the risk by 100% following government and WHO guidance. According to the WHO there is no any significant chance of preventing virus using mask. They always encourage people to use mask if you have any, cough, sore throat, runny nose or any other flu symptoms.


even though you get infected virus and if you have good immune system you could able to recover and period of time depend on the strength of your immune system. Some people could get infected and back to normal without even they knowing they get infected. So you could realise capable of saving your life maintaining good immune all the time. Not only this Coronavirus that could help for all the flues, virus, bacteria and cancers. That’s why most of the elderly people dying form this as they are poor on immune.

Home Remedies | Get rid of Coronavirus

In the situation of WHO incapable to find proper medicine/vaccine for this virus and the only way enhance and power up your immune and fight back against virus. Consume following foods/ spices/ seeds/ drinks as much as you can.

Coriander – Rich in immune-boosting antioxidants

Take some coriander seeds, boiled it sieve and drink.

Turmeric –  Boosts the Immune System/ Fight Cancer

Use turmeric for cooking foods(1/2 spoon for curry).

Garlic – Garlic Can Boost Immune Function

You can add garlic to curries/ also can drink preparing drink boiling water with garlic.

Ginger – Ginger may help decrease inflammation

Add some on curries while cooking also you can add some piece of ginger to your green/black tea. this make better taste as well.

Almonds – Considerable amount of vitamin E

Just eat almond seeds as of easy.

Green tea – Both green and black teas are packed with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant

Drink plenty of green/black tea without sugar.

Shellfish – some types of shellfish are packed with zinc

Cook – crab, clams, lobster, mussels.

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