Pet vaccine prices in sri lanka (Injections)

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There is no doubt most of us are pet lovers. If you really do you have to take care of your pet all the time. It doesn’t matter if it is Cat, Dog, Hamster, Rabbit or whatsoever. Here we discuss vaccinations that you must provide for your dog since 1 week old puppy.

Vaccine(Injection) schedule for dogs in Sri Lanka


Pet Vaccine Prices in Sri Lanka 

  1. Rabies vaccine/injection price – LKR 350-550 (Boosters annually)
  2. Parvo vaccine/injection price – LKR 550-700 (Boosters triennial)
  3. DHL vaccine/injection price – LKR 750-900 (Boosters triennial)

(Price Updated – 20/07/2021)

All these 3 vaccines should have injected 1 year intervals according to the Sri Lankan standards to prevent particular diseases and viruses. 

Why rabies?

Rabies is a fatal virus and it can be infected by a wild animal or the same kind of your pet by getting beaten. This could transfer to the human by beating an animal who carries the virus. Rabies vaccination has 3 years of immunity period, however due to government requirement it should give boosters every year.

Why Parvo?

This will protect your pet from getting infected Parvo disease which is fatal. This disease is basically popular among puppies and young dogs aged below 2 years. 

Why DHL?

DHL(Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis) This is targeted on 3 diseases and must provide an annual basis. 

If your dog/puppy is open to other animals in any means you must provide all these three vaccines on time. If your dog has community then there is a high risk of getting infected Parvo and Rabies as those could transfer via saliva and blood. Cost of the injections in Sri lanka is very cheap compared with other countries in the world. Comparatively each vaccine cost around $15 in the United State and £14 in the United Kingdom. But the prices in India are much more similar to Sri lanka.

However the Sri Lankan government provides Rabies vaccine FREE OF CHARGE as they are looking for a rabies free country in 2023. You can vaccinate your pet from any government veterinary hospital or mobile center to get this benefit.