Lean construction tools and techniques to implementation plans

lean construction tools

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lean construction tools

Last planner system

This is a planning system design based on lean principles to proper management and smooth workflow in programming, design and construction projects. Tracking, measuring and calculating percent plan complete(PPC) try to conduct consistent schedule throughout the project. This help to solve company problems such as planning, scheduling and level out workload.

Collaborative master programming

Collaborative planning linking all the parties involved in a construction project. Aim of this combination is develop target process such as design, procurement and construction. Program time reduction, proper procurement management, make preaching policy and reach project goals on time are few of the benefit which can achieve via this method.


This is one of the main fundamental of lean philosophy. “5S provides a structured method for achieving, maintaining and improving the standard set-up, organization and layout of a work area so as to ensure safe and efficient operations, with minimal waste.” This guide to keep proper visual management within the company premises.


This is another powerful method in lean construction. By proper standardization and making standardization policy can reach aims such as, cost reduction, quality improve, flexibility and responsiveness.

Structural problem solving method

This is team-based approach to continuously identify and resolve issues which are directly effect to process activities. Aim of this method is identify root cause of a problem symptoms and continuously dealing with the symptoms of a problem. This method also can use to help determine best ways to carry out project tasks and activities.

Operational improvement

Operational improvement is about enhancing the way that work action is being done by evacua

lean construction tools
lean implementation plan

ting process squander and guaranteeing that the “best” approach to finish work movement is being utilized. This improvement expects to decrease the process duration to finish work action, enhance efficiency, guarantee ‘right first time’ quality and bolster safe working. Here it is mainly focused on identifying and eliminating the reasons that obstruct the efficient and effective accomplishment of goals of the project.

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