Top Natural Snowboarding Locations in Europe

Natural Snowboarding Locations

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Top Natural Snowboarding Locations in Europe & World

People have various, and different kinds of hobbies or something they love to do at leisure time. It can be collecting stamps, going for a hike, going for a swim, exploring places, and other things. Snowboarding is one of the most famous hobby or a sport which also can be considered in countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and other countries too.

There are many international competitions year in and year out, with specific boundaries which would help you to guide you in the right direction. So if you want to Snowboard, it maybe your first time or not, you will also have special instructors and guides to help you.

Avoriaz (France)

Avoriaz (France)
Avoriaz (France)

We may not have known about this place but for Snowboarding fans this is a famous or a popular place for them. Many call it the “Snowboarding capital of Europe”. This is a place where it has been transforming ever since people have come to Snowboard. Not only adults are seen here, believe it or not tots from age 3 years can also be seen because of the Mint Snowboarding School who teaches them. In Avoriaz, the Stash can be seen- which is an ‘Eco Park’, packed with wooden jibs, rails and walls.

Mayrhofen (Austria)

It is also a snowboarding location loved by many fans and known as the Big M. this location is consist of parks, and pistes, and powder keeping which are the reasons for people to keep coming back year after year. Every year British Snowboarding Championships are been held here regularly too. There is also for a place for the kids only, where youngster can take place.

Breckenridge (Colorado)

1985 is a big and memorable year for them, due to the world’s first freestyle snowboard event was held here, and also it records for having the first resort to welcome snowboarders and family which was the Colorado Classic. Showing the hospitality towards them had towards the Snowboarders and their Family. There has also been various events hear, the Dew Tour and the Super Girl All- Female Slopestyle. It is so famous among the people due to having an awesome Freeway Park also having the gong for the best park too. So this is a famous due to the hospitality they have.

Davos (Switzerland)

As you might know there are various people who are talented in different things, Jackobshorn is the King of the snowboarding scene here. Its known for been a beautiful and an eye catching place due to the environment around it, waves of blue and red groomers can be seen all over the areas six mountains, some high and open and others weaving between the trees.

Natural Snowboarding Locations in Europe
Davos (Switzerland)

St. Anton  (Austria)

This is known as one of the top natural snowboard locations due to been able to find new terrain any time at every season, with 280km of groomers, 180km of marked off piste and limitless, legendary background to boot. So this also a place known or popular amongst the people who go to snowboard and are a place where you can find many different places to snowboard.  Bridge Couloir, Kapali, Schindler Spitze, are such places.

Chamonix (France)

Chamonix is a place where it is believed to be a place where would give a stomach ache to any rider. This place includes of obstacles which are man-made and natural. And also one of the most mind blowing parks are also found here the Grand Montents and the Les Houches.

Verbier (Switzerland)

This is a place known for only extreme riders’. Heady mix of gullies, rock faces, powder fields and open bowls are found here which is believed to be extreme paths and especially for beginners. This place has the most challenging lines, deep powder and steeps. 

Tignes (France)

The reading here is said to be as high as it gets. As you make know high snow is good snow and both the villages been above 2100m and slopes reaching 3450m, so this shows this a good track, because as mentioned before high snow is good snow.  School Rebel Alliance can be found here which would help you in some techniques, and some place may be inaccessible due to absence of forests. But this known for being a world class track.

Whistler (Canada)

2010 winter Olympics were held here in Whistler, and have won lot of awards too due to the board related. In Whistler, Nintendo Terrain Parks are in responsible of the maintenance. Which they completely redesign and rebuild every season and is responsible about it. And also Whistler is also been improving day by day.

Les Arcs (France)

Les Arcs (France)
Les Arcs (France)

The view gives a picture of everything white, from peak been 3226m tall. As you go down you may able to experience tree lines and jibbing of natural rollers on the sides of piste in the lower mountain. This path makes it fun to the riders because the pistes following a path of being wide and steep or narrow with lower gradient. And you can have maximise fun here.