Drug addicted female models

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Famous Female Models Who’s addicted to Drugs

As we all know drugs are been popular among teenagers, youths and even adults. And if we talk about drugs males are the main culprits as anyone would point at. But now not only males, females are also addicted or also mentioned when talking about drugs.

So when we are talking about females who are addicted drugs you might not be thinking about rich and high class women due to they been rich and they have something more and drugs aren’t any of it. But as the Mirror newspapers the front page under the headline mentions Naomi Campbell one of the super models saying ‘I am a drug addict’.

In 1977, David Sorrenti died at the age of 20 due to heroin overdose and her girlfriend at that time was teenage model James King. King, an actress reveals about how she was first offered heroin in a fashion shoot. She also accepts that she sniffed heroin due that he was offered drugs and also says that “ The editor, photographer, and everybody was shooting drugs, so it was natural to me and I just thought that it was the way things worked.”

She was caught in this act and had to give away all her career, due to drug addictedness, and she blames the fashion industry which made her a drug addict, who she was a just a female model.

It’s mentioned that until the young Kate Moss became the ‘Heroin Chic ‘photographed by Corinne Day for UK Vogue Heroin didn’t have any fashion until in 1933. Kate Moss mentions that she doesn’t do an drugs than anyone else after the incident of Davide.

Naomi’s is a proof that it is hard for a model to be drugs. Because as photographer Patrick Demachelier says that “blown up out of all proportion. Modeling is a very hard job. It’s a 12 hour day-job. People don’t understand and they have to go to sleep to look fabulous the next day”. Campbell would be the victim arguably as far as drug is been rapped.

Drug addicted female models
Gia Carangi

Gia Carangi a seventies model is more famous for addiction and death from Aids in 1986 than her work. And Hall says that “Drugs are the killer for a lot of models” and this true fact, and in our societies we can see how drugs has brought our lovely lives to an end especially of teenagers who are just entering the world.

Naomi Campbell is also has an issue with anger, admitted in the High Court that her behavior notorious. So we can see how drugs can change someone character, and it would be anyone and due to drugs your character can be killed.

Campbell is one of the highest paid models as well and she’s still on the top at a age of 31. But we can see that she would have to lay down all her career due drugs which made no good for her any fame but made her junk.

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