Safe to swallow Lubricants, Suitable for oral?

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Most people worry about swallowing adult lubricants. There is no simple answer for that and most of the time branded water based lubricants are safe to swallow and suitable for oral play. But you must be careful when you are selecting lubricant and about its ingredients. 

How to choose 

Water based lubricants are safe to swallow, but not all. All the Durex waterbased lubricants safe to swallo and oral sex. Sometimes other brands have some limitations on that. Anyway, try to select water based lubricant rather than going for silicone and microfiber. 

What is Suitable for oral?

In the market you can see some products labeled as Suitable for oral. If so that’s mean it suitable for swallow and oral sex. It recommends finding and selecting lubricant which is labeled as Suitable for oral. Then you do not need to do further investigation thinking about whether to swallow or not. 

Sometimes you can find 2 in 1 lubricants made for both massage and play. But it is better if you can use special lubricants for each of your requirements.

Natural lubricants for safe oral

That’s totally good and highly recommend natural ingredients as a lubricant. Those are actually no harm in any way and can be found easily as well as cheap too. If you are thinking about this, Olive oil and Coconut oil are the best. Use those without any hassle and enjoy the day. 

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